HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPION was a Toronto based Canadian independent record label formed in 1999.
In 2009, the label ceased operating and stopped releasing new albums.  


SOFT COPY  http://www.softcopymusic.com
NECK http://myspace.com/neckchristiana
CHRISTIANA http://myspace.com/christiananeck
FOLK FESTIVAL MASSACRE http://myspace.com/folkfestivalmassacre
KILOMETRE  http://myspace.com/kilometre

Connected BANDS

SCARBOROUGH AV  http://myspace.com/scarboroughav
GHOSTLIGHT  http://www.myspace.com/ghostlightband
PICNIC BOY  http://myspace.com/picnicboyfans
MEAN RED SPIDERS  http://www.myspace.com/coolmeanredspiders
REPUBLIC OF SAFETY  http://www.myspace.com/republicofsafety
DANGER BAY  http://myspace.com/dangerbay
KID SNIPER http://radio3.cbc.ca/bands/KID-SNIPER


Members the band NECK (later CHRISTIANA) started the artist-run label in 1999, launching it to release their second album Hydrofield of Myth. HSC began with the music of the few, with their recordings dating back to the early 90’s; scattered on various labels and independently released. The mandate at HSC was band ownership of all content and profits: a safe house for a community to work on their own terms and create challenging and engaging post punk influenced music. HSC released eleven albums by artists Neck, Folk Festival Massacre, Kid Sniper, The Co-operators, Kilometre, House Flaming, Christiana, and Soft Copy and released one compilation CD of artists on the label and other collaborators.  Distributors for select releases were Scratch in Canada, and Tonevendor and Twee Kitten in the USA.


All the artists involved continue to release music in various projects. For all information and inquiries on new independent releases or HSC catalogue albums (1999-2009) please contact the artists directly.

Jonny Dovercourt: Kid Sniper(HSC), Christiana(HSC), A Tuesday Weld, Secret Agent, Scarborough AV, Mason Hornet, Republic of Safety, and Danger Bay. Jonathan is also one of the original founders of the influential Wavelength weekly music series in Toronto.
Dave Rogers: Neck(HSC), Christiana(HSC), Folk Festival Massacre(HSC), Development Site, Mean Red Spiders, Ghostlight, Mason Hornet, and Picnic Boy.
Paul Boddum: Neck(HSC), Christiana(HSC), Kid Sniper(HSC), Folk Festival Massacre(HSC), Kilometre(HSC), Soft Copy(HSC),The Michael J. Fox tribute band, and Scarborough AV
Andrew McAllister: Neck(HSC), Christiana(HSC), Soft Copy(HSC), House Flaming(HSC), Kilometre(HSC), Scarborough AV, and Black Mission Figs
Alastair Macleod: Folk Festival Massacre(HSC), Neck, The Michael J. Fox tribute band.